Proposition 29:

1. Requires a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant on site

In most dialysis clinics, low-paid workers are pressured to rush patients through treatment. Prop 29 will help to ensure there is always a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant on site — the difference between life or death if something goes wrong.

2. Requires infection reporting

Patients have reported bloodstains, roaches, and flies in the clinics — which could put them at risk of infections and diseases. Prop 29 will ensure patients and their families are informed about unsafe clinic conditions.

3. Keeps clinics open

Hospitals are required to get approval from the state to close or reduce services. Prop 29 will ensure dialysis clinics are held to the same standard.

4. Prohibits discrimination

Dialysis clinics should provide the same level of care for all patients, regardless of the type of insurance they have or the community they live in. Prop 29 will ensure everyone gets equal treatment.

Our lives depend on Prop 29

“I know I will get treated fairly,” says Clara de Jesus Vera, a dialysis patient for 7 years

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